Responsible AI and algorithmic decision-making

Artificial intelligence (AI) undoubtedly offers tremendous benefits across many industries, including medicine, agriculture, and transportation. However, there is growing evidence of potential for harm from AI as biased and inaccurate algorithms routinely make decisions on job applicants, healthcare, social services, parole and criminal justice, policing, and access to credit and insurance. The AI researcher, NoelContinue reading “Responsible AI and algorithmic decision-making”

DataRobot now free for teaching use

The DataRobot software is now free to use for teaching: “DataRobot provides qualified and approved institutions of higher education with DataRobot licenses for student use so that they can explore advanced machine learning without programming in their coursework.” DataRobot is a leading automated machine learning (AML) platform and is the subject of Chapter 11 ofContinue reading “DataRobot now free for teaching use”

Business ethics canvas

We have developed a practical approach to incorporating an ethical analysis into business analytics development projects. The research is reprted in: Vidgen, R., Hindle, G., and Randolph, I., (2020). Exploring the ethical implications of business analytics with a business ethics canvas. European Journal of Operational Research, 281(3): 491-501 For an overview of the approach, seeContinue reading “Business ethics canvas”

Higher education case study

We’ve added a new case study, “Building an analytics capability at Barchester College”, to the instructor resources. The case has been developed in a similar style to the GoGet case in the book and is intended to be used in conjunction with chapters 14 (analytics methodology), 15 (design thinking), and 16 (ethics). While Barchester CollegeContinue reading “Higher education case study”

Business analytics capability assessment (BACA) survey

The BACA survey is contained in Appendix C of the textbook and is available in Excel via the resources page. We have also implemented the BACA using the Qualtrics survey design software, as described here. Try the survey You can complete the BACA survey in Qualtrics for your own organisation. Once you have finished theContinue reading “Business analytics capability assessment (BACA) survey”