‘Yes, this is a book on business analytics—but it’s really much broader. It encompasses up-to-the-minute topics like analysis of social media data, automated machine learning, visual analytics, open source tools, agile methods, and ethical issues like algorithmic bias. It’s a complete and accurate guide to how analytics are currently practised in leading organizations.’

Thomas H. Davenport, Distinguished Professor, Babson College, USA; Research Fellow, MIT, USA; Senior Advisor, Deloitte, Author of Competing on Analytics and The AI Advantage

‘Without a doubt, we are witnessing an unprecedented avalanche of digital data. Harvesting value from this deluge is easier said than done, but there are now many tools and methods available. For a manager, this book is vital and provides an impressive overview of business analytics approaches to support a data-driven organisation, and runs the full gamut from understanding and analysing big data, to designing the right business model for strategising and organising a leadership that drives analytics value creation.’

Professor Leroy White, Warwick Business School, UK

‘Business Analytics provides great coverage of business analytics – terminology, concepts, frameworks, methodologies, data preparation, modelling alternatives, model evaluation, implementation, organizational issues, and many real-world examples. The integration of findings from research and surveys of current practices add both academic rigour and practicality. Videos, readings, and software (e.g. SAS VA, DataRobot) help to create a rich learning experience.’

Hugh J. Watson, C. Herman and Mary Virginia Chair of Business Administration, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia, USA

‘An excellent work delivering the latest topics in business analytics written in a very approachable way. Suitable for a wide readership from undergraduate students to managers. Highly recommended!’

Dr. Mashiho Mihalache, Assistant Professor, Amsterdam Business School

‘Are you looking for a book that offers a management approach to business analytics and retains both technical depth and a practical application of tools and techniques? Then you should try this remarkable new book! Its strategic and organizational perspective makes it ideal for teaching analytics in business schools. It also uses the cutting-edge tools such as automated machine learning, which ensures its relevance to organizations.’

Asil Oztekin, Professor of Operations & Information Systems, Manning School of Business, University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA and 2017–2018 Former Chair of INFORMS Data Mining Section

‘Business Analytics covers very well the knowledge and skills one needs to run a data-intensive, analytics project end-to-end. It is well-written and illustrated with real cases and comprehensively referenced. It exposes students to contemporary platforms and software, making them business-ready. I commend especially the coverage of ethical considerations in analytics, which is long overdue.’

Dr. Max Chipulu, Programme Lead, BSc Business Analytics Programmes, Southampton Business School, University of Southampton

‘In an age where information matters for business survival, companies need to understand and appreciate the value derived from data. Business Analytics provides a toolkit for the practitioner to unlock said value. I would highly recommend it to executives and students who are thinking about or already on the analytics journey.’

Dr. Yudhvir Seetharam, Senior Lecturer, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

‘The book is lucidly written with several case studies illustrating key concepts in data visualization and business analytics. The treatment, though rigorous, should be accessible to undergraduate students. Excellent coverage of recent developments in the field.’

Sanjay Paul, Associate Professor of Economics, Elizabethtown College, USA

‘An up-to-date piece of work, with a wide range of illustrative features that facilitate an understanding of complex concepts in business analytics.’

Dr Joseph Jie Yu, Associate Professor in Information Systems, Nottingham University Business School, China

‘This is a great book for introducing MBA students into the area of business analytics with up-to-date information, a comprehensive coverage of topics and clear explanations for the non-specialist. It reflects a careful approach to use analytics for creating value in business.’

Martin Kunc, Professor of Business Analytics/Management Science, Southampton Business School, UK

‘I would like to applaud the authors’ inclusion of the latest developments and challenges associated with Big Data analytics in this book. This book will not only introduce readers to the latest analytics technologies, but also guide readers through how to deal with the unique challenges of Big Data analytics.’

Dr. Nobuyuki Fukawa, Associate Professor of Marketing, Missouri University of Science & Technology, USA

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