Upgrading to SAS Viya

On 31 December 2020 the Flash plugin will no longer work in Chrome. SAS Visual Analytics (SAS VA) uses Flash and will therefore cease to work at the end of 2020. The replacement for SAS VA is SAS Viya. SAS offer a cloud-based version, Viya for Learners, that is free to use by educators and students. We recommend that anyone currently using SAS VA upgrade to SAS Viya.

Once in Viya, the contents of chapters 4 to 9 can be replicated using the Viya Report Viewer. In the coming months we will be updating the book to replace SAS Visual Analytics with Viya.

SAS have kindly loaded the datasets for our analytics textbook to their Viya for Leaners platform. We have produced a short guide to accessing the textbook data files from the Viya platform and replicating the use of SAS Visual Analytics.

Viya has many features and functionality that go beyond Visual Analytics, which we will incorporate in the next edition.

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